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Yoga Class to Adjust to Winter with Christian Gentile

If you enjoyed Yoga at Aqua take our resident teacher Christian’s class here online. In this sequence Christian will show you how to better attune your body to the colder winter months. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is said to stay balanced through Winter it is advisable to practice on the Water Element stimulating the kidneys and bladder. For more information on how to stay balanced through the winter season you can check out the full article HERE, and if the cold is really getting to you come visit us in the warmth of the Emerald Coast.

Christian Gentile is one of our resident teachers here at Aqua and our Wellness Program Coordinator. Christian’s yoga background started with Massage which naturally led into is Yoga Training. Christian has trained deeply in Elemental Yoga and uses the knowledge of the 5 Elements to rebalance the body. Christian makes an awesome team with his partner Chloe who also teaches on our beautiful platform. If you like his class come practice with them for real here at Aqua!