Aqua Oceanfront Resort


Monkeys, parrots, sea turtles, rare birds, hundreds of different varieties of butterflies… truly a nature-lovers paradise.

Live among the locals

Aqua is proud to partner with Paso Pacifico, a non-profit foundation dedicated to conserving and restoring the natural ecosystem of Nicaragua’s Pacific slope. Together, Aqua and Paso Pacifico are working to preserve Aqua’s natural environment in four areas:


As you will see – and hear — the trees at Aqua are home to dozens of howler monkeys, a primate thought to have the loudest voice of any mammal its size. The howlers, along with endangered spider monkeys, are integral in seed dispersal and the health of the forest. We are preserving and reforesting the monkeys’ habitat, making certain they have an adequate natural food supply, and monitoring their well-being.

Sea Turtles

Aqua’s white-sand beach is an important nesting site for four endangered species of Pacific sea turtles – olive ridely, green, hawksbill and leatherback. We are tagging and monitoring these turtles, to safeguard their nesting sites and to protect them from poaching.


Of the many tropical birds that nest at Aqua, the yellow-naped Amazon parrot is among the most beautiful and most endangered. We are monitoring the parrots’ habits, health, and habitat — and placing artificial nests for them in trees out of harms’ way from poachers.


The dry tropical forest surrounding Aqua has been severely degraded as a result of centuries of selective logging, thus shrinking the habitat of indigenous wildlife. We are collecting seeds of trees that are vital to the wildlife, and propagating them in an on-property nursery. We plan to plant 5,000 trees in our forest, to bolster the habitat for the wildlife, and to offset the resort’s carbon footprint.