Aqua Oceanfront Resort

Boat Cruises

Experience the immaculate Emerald Coast

Aqua is located on Nicaragua’s dramatic Emerald Coast, where rugged cliffs border unspoiled white‐sand beaches. We encourage guests to get out onto the open ocean during their stay, so that they can view the spectacular coastline and enjoy sightings of dolphin pods, sea turtles and, in when in season, whale migrations.

Let us do the work

We can arrange for a half‐day cruise to “La Ancien,” a rock formation a mile south of Aqua, where there is excellent snorkeling; a full‐day cruise to the lively beach town of San Juan del Sur, 12 km south of Aqua; or a two‐hour cruise at sunset, when the sky morphs, as if by magic, from orange to crimson to indigo as the sun sinks into the Pacific.

Plan your boating experience

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