Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort


Aqua’s ocean view yoga deck is a perfect spot to practice, whether you are a beginner or advanced. We have on site yoga instruction with beginner and advanced group classes included as part of your experience at Aqua Wellness Resort. We also offer individual training for guests and there is a year long calendar of retreats.

Some Details on our platform:

Aqua’s secluded 1,100 sq. ft. palm thatched covered open-air hardwood floored platform with capacity for up to 30 yoga practitioners. Whether stretching, flowing, or meditating, enjoy and absorb the energy from this spectacular ocean and beach view….a yogi’s dream!

- Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Yoga Straps, Yoga Blankets
- Natural Solid, Locally-sourced Wooden Yoga Blocks

Our stunning, sattvic location provides clean air, sand, and sun conducive to yoga learning and teaching
We also have on-site:

- Aqua’s Luxurious and Unique Wellness Retreat & Spa
- Helpful,Friendly Staff
- Healthy, Delicious Organic Vegetarian Food
- Sightseeing & Adventure Activities Around Nicaragua
- The Opportunity to do Karma Yoga in the Community