Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort


Nature lover to nature lover: Aqua Wellness Resort is the place to be. The resort has been built into a hillside with Tree house villas organically integrated with the forest where howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys and many other furry mammals cohabit. Our climate is benevolent and there are no predatory cats or aggressive poisonous snakes to be concerned about. Feel free to be open to explore.

What we see and share space with are: 4 species of sea turtles, seasonal humpback whales, dolphins, bioluminescent algae, New World marsupials, Central American raccoons, the occasional neighbor’s cow or horse as well as birds like: mangrove hawks, Amazonian king fishers, all manners of woodpeckers, many estuary species like blue herons, tiger herons, northern jacanas and occasional roseate spoonbills as well as oropendulas and other trogonaceous birds including our national bird, the Guardabarranco. Aqua has a unique location that places it alongside the coastline yet adjacent to a mangrove as well as a Pacific tropical wet/dry forest. Our coastal hills are resplendent with white plumeria flowers (our national flower) while the forests are verdant in the green season and blooming yellow, orange, red and purple in the dry season, and that is just ‘in our neck of the woods.’

Our tours explore UNESCO nature reserves, cloud forest national parks, freshwater lakes with island archipelagoes, sea turtle reserves, mangroves, secluded beaches and volcanic peaks and lagoons. See first hand why Nicaragua is a must on your vacation destination list.