Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort


Fishing on the Nicaraguan coast is hands down some of the best on the entire Pacific. This is due to two simple facts: most fishing in Nicaragaua is small-scale commercial fishing and there is an extremely small but skilled sport fishing industry. The fishing techniques practiced here include surf casting, hand spearing, lobstering, sardine and shrimp fishing with small nets, traditional jigging with hand rigged Nica fishing boards as well as superbly well equipped center console fishing boats with powerful outboard engines, stocked with cold beer, snacks and manned by a salty crew of experienced fishermen well versed on types of fish, seasonality, tackle required and where to go.

Just say no to getting ‘skunked.’ Commonly we catch: king mackerel, barracuda, red snapper, amberjack, mahi-mahi, blue fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, roosterfish, snook, and many other species as well as sharks and billfish though these last fish require full day commitments due to the distance off shore. Shark and billfish are ‘catch and release only.’ With skilled local charters and a whole host of traditional techniques to learn you will constantly be challenged and rewarded. We encourage guests to bring any or all of their own gear/tackle if they wish, though certainly this is not required. Fishing and spearing is great right in Redonda bay where Aqua wellness resort is located. Fishing trips to Lake Nicaragua and the Rio San Juan can also be arranged by request. Here in Nicaragua one could fish the Pacific to the Atlantic on a week’s vacation.