Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort


Aqua has used a number of sustainable technologies in build and operation of the resort, and we continue to push forward our practice of advancing the sustainable program at Aqua. We have constructed with a basic design that minimizes impact on the forest by elevating the units off the forest floor, preserving the seepage area under the footprint of the hotel to prevent creation of runoff problems on our slope, and allowing us to individually position the villa units so as to respect the important primary forest species.

Aqua treats all its own sewage on site with our FAST systems, and uses local natural oils and products to maintain and beautify the resort. We operate our restaurant using locally grown and sourced organic ingredients, and provide tours and experiences that involve and employ the local communities.

Aqua impacts over 100 families in our local area and community, with a direct employee base of around 100 proud Nicaraguans. Our desire is to play a guiding role in developing Nicaragua in the most environmentally and community conscious manner we can ÔÇô besting other examples we have seen around Central America and the world.