Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort

Turtle Protection

Aqua Wellness Resort is fortunate to host great guests from around the world as well as local visitors. Most guests arrive by land, some by boat, and some, like our turtle guests arrive by swimming ashore at night. Different strokes for different folks. The Nicaraguan Pacific coast is undergoing a revolutionary change for the better in regards to turtle conservation, education about habitat needs as well as turtle nursery efforts dedicated to repopulation of the seas with threatened turtle species.

Turtle experts that have visited our beach estimate that 4 species of turtles visit our beach: hawksbill, green, leatherback, and olive Ridley. Turtle egg laying is seasonal and depends on the species, the moon cycles and other factors that scientists do not fully understand. Turtle migrations and visits are common at many different times throughout the year. Our beachside amenities take into account these turtle visits and we work closely with our staff and visiting guests to identify nesting spots, protect them and carefully transfer eggs to our turtle egg nursery. Generally eggs incubated in a controlled space have close to a one hundred percent hatching rate and offer many more turtles a chance to contribute to the repopulation of the Central American Pacific coastline.

As we gather data and information on turtle habits and patterns Aqua Wellness resort will offer guests opportunities to work with trained staff and volunteers to care for eggs, protect them in the nursery and for those with the fortune to be there, helping them get to the ocean to begin their lives. We invite one and all to join us in this effort to bring work with local communities and guests to bring these natural marine ecosystems back into balance.