Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort


Green Getaway: Nicaragua as Featured in Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine

Original Article Featured in the Winter 2012 Edition of Eco-Beautiful Weddings. By – Katie Martin

My love for Latin America is infinite! With my husband from the Dominican Republic and a little one on the way, knowing about Latino culture in general has become more important to be than ever before. My first experience in Latin America was a small community right outside the city of Leon in Nicaragua. It had been hit by tons of soot and ash from the nearby volcano and I went to help clean up the community. Although it was my first experience in a third world country, I did not want to leave. I instantly fell in love and went back 3 times over the next few years following that summer trip in 1990. For over 20 years I have been traveling all over Latin America, but a piece of my heart has always remained in Nicaragua!

You can imagine my delight when I was introduced Trevor Barran, owner and operator of Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua! The photos you see on these pages are directly from the eco-paradise that he and his staff have created in seclusion near the Pacific coastal fishing and surfing community of Playa Gigante! I canÔÇÖt imagine a more beautiful place to go for your honeymoon!

While you may think…What? Honeymooning in a third world country? Yes ÔÇô you can and should do it! If you are reading this magazine, itÔÇÖs because you are all about being sustainable and keeping a green lifestyle. Everything Aqua does is sustainable and Eco-Beautiful!!!

Aqua has won the Marana award twice (which is the Nicaraguan equivalent of the EPA) for their sustainable development, usage of certified local materials, organic farming and local employment. Over
95% of their employees are local! You can literally take pride in choosing Aqua as your honeymoon destination knowing that you are helping to grow a sustainable community while honeymooning in luxury!
From the romantic treetop villas to their families of monkeys and other rainforest/ tropical fauna and flora ÔÇô you will be mesmerized by the connection to mother earth! Secluded in the forest and near their protected swimming beach, you can even hold your entire wedding there! Every single room has a spectacular view and every meal is freshly prepared with local ingredients.

Enjoying your honeymoon is key of course after all those long months of planning; keeping it eco-friendly and sustainable takes some planning. The team at Aqua takes pride in making sure that your entire experience from getting off the plane to saying your goodbyes is safe, luxurious and an adventure in green traveling! Send us your photos when you get back!!! I plan on going for our 2nd honeymoon!