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Christian Griffith on American Ninja Warrior

Aqua Staffer on American Ninja Warrior

Aqua Marketing Director, Christian Griffith, competes on Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior on NBC

“Nicaragua is an awesome place to train for American Ninja Warrior,” says Christian Griffith, Aqua Wellness Resort’s Marketing Director.

“It feels so much more organic and authentic training in the jungle, climbing trees, running trails, and lifting rocks.”

American Ninja Warrior kicked off Season 8 in Atlanta, GA, March 18, 2016. Christian was one of 105 athletes to compete that night, and while he has to keep his results mum until the show airs this summer, he did express that the course was far more challenging that it looks on television.

“There were obstacles that I was sure to crush because I train them, but there were also obstacles in which had either been made more difficult than in previous years, or, never attempted before.” said Christian about this year’s Atlanta qualification course.

However it shakes out, we are proud of Christian, and look forward to the JUNGLECORE program, soon to be developed and offered at Aqua Wellness Resort.

Now that should be a fun workout!


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