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Lost in Nicaragua

Lost in Nicaragua: A Renewal at Aqua Wellness Resort

Like a few things in my life, Taylor Swift deserves a bit of credit for my vacation to Nicaragua, or at the very least the idea for how I would write about my trip to the Aqua Wellness Resort┬áin Redonda Bay. The resort, after all, was founded on the basic[…]

Food and Wine Magazine

AQUA Wellness Resort Featured in Food and Wine Magazine

Affordable, safe (believe it) and undiscovered (though not for long), Nicaragua is the next great eco-travel destination. F&W’s Jen Murphy checks out its wildlife and nightlife. Many of the new hotels in Nicaragua are promoting themselves as yoga and wellness spots, hosting retreats led by world-renowned gurus and offering all[…]

Top Travel Destination: Nicaragua

NYT The Top 46 Places to Go in 2013

If the booming eco-lodge business is any indication, NicaraguaÔÇÖs moment might finally have arrived. In and around the coastal towns of San Juan del Sur and Maderas, new lodges like the┬áAqua Wellness Resort, the high-end (and soon-to-open)┬áMukul Resort┬áand┬áJicaro Island Eco-Lodge┬áare cropping up near old-time eco-lodges, like┬áMorganÔÇÖs Rock Hacienda and Eco-Lodge.[…]


Yoga Instructor Grace Van Berkum featured in Oxygen Magazine

Oxygen MagazineÔÇÖs photograph of Grace on AquaÔÇÖs yoga platform has been published in this monthÔÇÖs edition. A popular fitness magazine, Oxygen will feature a picture of Grace, which highlights her balance and poise as a yogi as well as the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful vista on the yoga platform.  […]


Nicaragua – Safe For Tourists & a Destination for Eco-Travelers

Original Article on by Carol Perehudoff SAN JUAN DEL SUR, NICARAGUAÔÇöÔÇ£Is it safe?ÔÇØ people asked when I said I was going to Nicaragua. ÔÇ£I hope so,ÔÇØ I replied. According to my guidebook itÔÇÖs the safest country in Central America. Yet now that IÔÇÖm standing here on a bumpy back[…]


Green Getaway: Nicaragua as Featured in Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine

Original Article Featured in the Winter 2012 Edition of Eco-Beautiful Weddings. By – Katie Martin My love for Latin America is infinite! With my husband from the Dominican Republic and a little one on the way, knowing about Latino culture in general has become more important to be than ever[…]