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Global Canopy Bed: 8 Treehouse Hotel Rooms

Not all treehouses are created equal. On one end of the spectrum you’ve got the banged-together assemblages of planks and nails that only an unspoiled twelve-year-old imagination can redeem; on the other, an elevated world of plunge pools, sweeping verandas and marble baths.

Oyster Treehouse Living

High Living: 9 Beautiful Treehouse Hotels

Did you spend all your time in your tree house as a kid? Or were you brokenhearted because you never had one? Well, these nine gorgeous hotels can turn your childish tree house fantasies into grown-up realities.

Huff Post

Huffington Post: 13 Stunning Health and Wellness Retreats

For many of us, long days at the office, stress, and errands can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. So we often look at our vacations not as a chance for a calorie binge (well, not always), but as a chance to hit the reset button and get[…]