Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort

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Conde Nast Traveler: Incredible Treehouse Hotels

Nicaragua’s Aqua Wellness Resort is home to treetop villas, complete with plunge pools. The elevated villas minimize impact on the primary forest while giving guests views of the Pacific Ocean and the rainforest.


Global Canopy Bed: 8 Treehouse Hotel Rooms

Not all tree houses are created equal. On one end of the spectrum you’ve got the banged-together assemblages of planks and nails that only an unspoiled twelve-year-old imagination can redeem; on the other, an elevated world of plunge pools, sweeping verandas and marble baths.

Oyster Treehouse Living

High Living: 9 Beautiful Treehouse Hotels

Did you spend all your time in your tree house as a kid? Or were you brokenhearted because you never had one? Well, these nine gorgeous hotels can turn your childish tree house fantasies into grown-up realities.