Aqua Wellness Resort



Optimal wellness is maintained by taking care of ourselves, body, mind and soul. The ancient practice of yoga is a beautiful way to do this. Originating from the heart of India, Yoga in our modern world has spread like wild fire as people come to it from all different backgrounds with a common goal, to balance themselves. Whether you are a devoted yogi, complete beginner or fitness junkie there is something for everyone in our classes.

Our yoga classes can accommodate up to 30 students, and we are happy to offer guests complimentary use of our yoga mats, yoga straps and wooden yoga blocks. We practice yoga daily at Aqua with group yoga classes, workshops and private classes all taught by experts. Whether stretching, flowing, or meditating, guests can enjoy and absorb the energy from our beautiful yoga platforms, one facing spectacular ocean views and one hidden in the depths of the beautiful jungle.

We also offer in house Wellness Programs run by our expert staff that include a variety of Yoga, Wellness and Spa services to make the most of your time here. Take a look.


Yoga Platform

Our principle open-air yoga deck overlooks the ocean, adding to the serenity of your yoga experience. Accommodating up to 28 mats the platform has hardwood floors and is open on four sides and covered by a palm-thatched “palapa” roof. With unbeatable views it is often a highlight of many of our guests stay.


Aqua Wellness Resort is a serene, natural setting that inspires one to disconnect from the world and reconnect with one’s inner self. Your own private treehouse deck is a perfect spot for meditation, lulled by the sounds of the waves and the forest. We also offer group and private meditations on our Ocean View Yoga Platform often at as the sun goes down.

Group Yoga Class

Outside of our open level complementary classes we schedule a selection of other group yoga classes throughout the week. These include Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Mediation and Acro Yoga.

Private Yoga 

This is a perfect way to move deeper into your Yoga Practice. Private classes are encouraged for total beginners. Yoga is a wonderful practice to start but takes a little getting used to at the beginning. A private lesson will give you time to work closely with the teacher, break down common sequences and ask questions.

For practitioners that are more advanced and want to work on a particular sequence, pose or practice this is also a powerful option. Dive deeper into your practice by working one on one with one of our expert instructors.

Private Acro & Partner Yoga 

Partner Yoga can be a wonderful way to have fun and discover your partner. In this session we start off with some basic partner stretches and move on to some fun Acro Yoga Session (makes for beautiful photos on our gorgeous Ocean Deck). We finish the class by learning a short Thai Massage Sequence.

Yoga Therapy

Together we work on finding the root of imbalances within you that can cause your dis-ease or discomfort. Within the sessions we will connect the different parts of your life that need attention and address those through a personalized yoga practice. If this is something that greatly interest you can also join one of our Wellness Retreats focused on Yoga.


Christian Gentile & Chloé Porter